OVALW3244 16LT BM - Crossarch
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Brk. Mld. Dim.: 31.5" x 43.75"

Frame Dim.: 29" x 41 1/4" 

Rough Opening: 29 1/2" x 41 3/4"

Exclusive One-Piece Exterior (Paintable/Solid-Vinyl) including the Nailing/Installation Fin, Brick Mould, Sash, Frame, and divisional Grids and One-Piece Wood interior Framed Grids (Stainable), Brick Mldg. Exterior Casing, Simulated-Divided-Lites (SDL) permanently affixed to glass, Std. Insulated Dbl. Pane Glass, 4 9/16” Jamb/Frame

Limited-Lifetime Product 
10 Years Glass

  • Item #: OVALW3244 16LT BM - Crossarch

OVALW3244 16LT BM - Crossarch

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