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Flat Casing Dim.: 18 x 30"

Frame Dim.: 13" x 25"

Rough Opening: 13 1/2" x 25 1/2"

All Louver Vents have a Square Back Jamb/Frame for the Slats, Available in Solid-Vinyl (Paintable) or Redwood (Raw), Flat Casing Exterior (5/8x3 ½), Square Frame (5/8x2), Heavy-Duty Slats (5/8x3 ½), Fiberglass Screen (18x16 mesh), All Clear (No Knots or Finger-Joints), Silicone Sealed

Limited-Lifetime Solid-Vinyl
5 Years Redwood


  • Item #: ARECTL1830V/FC


Price: $146.00
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